Thank you again for two beautiful and unique works of functional art!! They have really “made” our home, and we’re still congratulating each other for acquiring them.

The reaction from our friends is typically delayed… a few minutes after coming into the room they gravitate to the new pendant, examine it more and more closely, tentatively reach out to see what it’s made of, touch it again several times, and then call over their spouse with “You’ve got to see this…” We also appreciate the friendly and responsive assistance you’ve given us. In recent years, it’s becoming an increasingly rare experience.

Thanks again,

Niki and Bob Offerman

I had to write to let you know how much I admire your work. We hung the large pine cone chandelier at the Watson’s cabin in Cordillera last week and it is beyond my expectations. I was very happy to see the subtleties of the pine cone colorations and absolutely thrilled when we illuminated it at night to see that it magically appeared to have a glimmering coat of hoar frost! It is perfectly gorgeous. I was not able to see the other pieces in place but I’m sure that they will be equally perfect. I think you know of the difficulties we encountered getting it into the house; we originally had 6’-0” French doors which were changed to atrium doors. (Thank goodness we kept 42” front door!)

I hope to be able to work with you again and again and again; which brings me to my next question. Would it be possible for you to incorporate some lamps into a design I have sketched for the four corners of the Watson’s Great Room? I have attached a sketch of what we had in mind, as well as some information on the lamping we need to house. Please let me know if you would consider this project and what the pricing might be.

With MANY thanks for helping my vision of the Watsons house come true.

Maureen Steele Bellows

Four years and 36 pieces and I don’t expect to stop here! Working with the folks at Joslyn Fine Metalwork has been a pleasure! Originally, I was worried about the long distance working relationship but Steve showed us early on by his ease and accessibility with A3 Studios, our architectural firm here, in Texas, that the design process would be a breeze. Any questions were backed up with drawings and no idea was left unexplored.

As a designer, I deal with many creative people. Steve is unusual. He listens. He is open to suggestion and is never afraid to adjust for the conditions his pieces will be in. I will never forget trying to mount 12 hanging light fixtures on an outside porch. A porch that is hit by wind and weather. Steve did the research and made sure these heavy pieces were protected from the elements and would withstand the test of time.

Each and every project, whether it be a wall sconce, mirror or chandelier is showcased and admired by all that see them. I am pleased to have done business with Joslyn Fine Metalwork and plan to continue our relationship for years to come.

Celeste Wall

When my wife and I started designing our new Adirondack camp two years ago, we visited several camps which our builder had constructed on Raquette Lake. It was during these visits that we were introduced to Steve Joslyn’s work and so impressed were we with his creations that we decided right there and then to incorporate Steve’s designs into our new camp.

We soon followed up with a visit to Steve’s workshop and became more impressed with his work particularly his unique and unbelievably realistic pine cone/pine bough creations. Steve and his wife, Jeannie, took the time and interest to visit our half completed structure and helped us come up with some very creative lighting concepts to complement the classic Adirondack style we chose for our new camp. Although many of the pieces we chose came from Steve’s standard portfolio, Steve created many others including a truly unique pine accented fixture above the kitchen island. The incorporation of Steve’s lighting fixtures in our Adirondack retreat is nothing short of breathtaking. Everyone who visits remarks on the uniqueness and understated beauty of Steve’s creations.

Steve was a perfect joy to work with–always accommodating and always helpful with new ideas. Our experience in working with Steven was one of the true highlights in our very successful and rewarding project.

Bill & Pam McGarry

As we’ve settled into our new home this year I wanted you to know how important your contribution has been to the environment that my wife and I were committed to creating. There literally hasn’t been a person who’s entered our main entrance that hasn’t been blown away by the 2 Two Tier Loon and Cattail Chandeliers that grace the ceiling of our timber frame great room. When they see Bear Dreams over the kitchen island they just sit in awe. Then they realize they missed the Mountain Sconces in the great room and run back for another look to catch their understated elegance. By the time they’ve completed the “tour” they’ve seen another couple of your chandeliers (dining room and family room) and 3 unbelievably detailed sconces. I take a great deal of personal pleasure in telling them about “this guy, Steve Joslyn” outside of Syracuse who was the creative inspiration for all of our public space lighting. Our guests are invariably struck by the fact that we had a relationship that made something very special happen here. Thanks for everything.

Frank Curaso

I have really enjoyed working with you over the years and appreciate your brilliant artistry and attention to detail.

We are always looking for the best craftspeople that compliment our handcrafted log homes. I am so pleased and honored to work with your exceptional designs in hand forged metal work. The best part has been that our clients have really loved your artistry as much as we have. Your iron work has been a wonderful feature within their homes.

The drawings you have created for me and my clients have been so very helpful in telling the story of what your final sculpture will be. Although your drawings and photography skills are excellent, the finish product has always surpassed our expectations.

The detail, texture and labor intensity of your work is well worth the price. Thank you so much for your beautiful artistry in forging metal work for us and our clients!

We look forward to using your lighting fixtures and hardware within our new “designer cabins”. These true cabins jewels will feature a few of our favorite artisans craftsmanship incorporated into cabins of 850 square feet. These designer cabins will incorporate the highest standards of log element and accented hybrid construction methods.

We also look forward to using your wrought iron work in our new show house opening the summer of 2005 called, “The Dancing Crow Design Center” which specializes in handcrafted construction design and drafting. I would love to see what type of creative, whimsical and innovative ideas you can come up with!

Robbin Obomsawin